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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

at last..i hav a bloggg??? :D

Hahaha..aku xpenah sangka aku akn ada blog aku sendiri..ye larr,slama ni aku duk baca blog kawan2,n x penah terpk pun nk ikut jejak langkah diorg dgn menceritakan sume pengalaman hidup thru blog and share it with others..plus,aku nih xda la berbakat sgt dlm mengarang2 ni..ayt karangan tyme sekolah dolu2 pun berjam2 nk pk tuk siapkn satu karangan..ni kn plak,nk membebel dlm blog mcm ni...

but then, since both my sisters have their own blogs,i thought as an older sister,i shud hav one oso...haha...what a thought!! and my best fren, Aimi also hav her own blog,so i felt like i shud try one and see how its goin..am i able to update it like others...its so much fun while reading their blogs..at least,i know whats goin on around them since they always update  themselves there..THANKS A LOT to u gals for that inspiration..

then, i buzzed my lil sister,to teach on how to make a blog..n tadaaaa!! heres my own blog.. :D im so happy bout it..and thanks to my sis who help me a lot in the design n background..well, kena la mintk nasihat org pakar kn..sbb she juz won 500rgt juz by writing some topics in  her blog..isnt dat so amazin??.juz dgn 'berceloteh' itu ini..then,dpt duit..hehe..but thats not why i want to hav a blog..its all because i also want to share my whole life with others..n like others said,nothing is free in this world nowadays..why??heres the answer..

"Aku : dik2,thanks eh blog tu..
Adik: sama2..tp nnt jgn lupa upahnyer yer tatak..
Aku: yer2,akak beli dua komik eh...''

tu je la upah yg dia nk..x abes2 with her comics..dh nk penuh dh umah tu ngn buku2 comic dia..tp xpe girl,akak pun suka bc jugk~
erm,actually, i dunt wanna use that Dr_Pinky name..cz im not a doc yet..but my sis said,sooner or later,im gonna be a doc..(juz a good one or a bad one..dushhh) so she suggested that name.well, i find it true sumhow..so i agreed with her..and why 'Pinky'?? coz im so in love with anything yg ada pink..it doesnt matter, whole pinky thing..or juz a small2 dot with pink color..i also not sure since when i started to hav this kind of 'obsesssion'..but yeah, when i wanna choose sumthing, i tend to choose pink...so i guess,thats make me a lil bit crazy into that color..hehe..and not juz me, while studied in India, i figured out this.. its quite a number that the girls in my batchmates who loves pink..and becoz of dat, we've been labelled as..BIMBO!! hehe..

Apapun, i need supports from u guys..erk,not juz guys la..girls also..haha..ye laarr
.....Sy Budak baru blaja..
Kalau salah,
Tolong tunjukkan.....

berpantun2 gitu..haha..but i really2 mean it..im not so used to all this celoteh2 thing thru writing.....but if u see me in real life..dunt be surprised becoz im such a talkative girl..
Ok, dats all from Dr_Pinky..(like Pinky in the brain lak)..till we meet again..adios..

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