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Friday, July 23, 2010

budi bahasa budaya kita ,rite?

erm,,actually,i dunt want to make this issue bigger and bigger..but seyesly, i felt like i want to sound back because for me,  customer always rite kn? and if u are wrong,juz say SORRY la..isnt that  simple??

ok, nk dijadikn cter...mcm ni..last nite,me,alia n wa suddenly decided to watch a movie..well, its time for us to hang out and hav a lil bit time for ourselves since we had juz finished our surgery exam..(bunyik mcm exam tu scry je..pdhl..relax jugk before tu...hehe)..so kitorg decide nk tgk cter 'INCEPTION' since those who already watched that movie said that it is a must watch movie this season..im so excited annd so eager to watch that movie when the comments were so good and convincing that i must watched that movie too....apalgi,as a member of GSC, (yg mana membuktikn bhw aku salah seorg kaki wayng..hihi) aku pun online and reserved 4 tix for us..an extra tix juz in case sum1 else want to follow us..and yes, that sum1 place hav been filled by nuar..sbb dia pun trasa mcm nk tgk wayang jugk mlm td..

around 8.30 pm, after alia sent her sister off at mlaka sentral since her sister was goin back to kedah for an occasion,we straight away went to dataran pahlawan..or its  short and fames name is DP..and on the way, in the car, we decided to hav our dinner there..but, actually, kat sana..x byk kedai makan yg kami leh mkn..ye larr, we hav to banned McD,regarding the gaza-palestin case.. Kaizer??erm,ok2 la..and  then wa said ''how bout KFC??..im so into KFC now..haha''  then we all agreed to eat KFC...

but suddenly,when we arrived there, and she saw A&W, she said..

''jom mkn A&W la...sbb mcm lama dh x kn..branch diorg yg kat melaka sentral dh tutup.."

i replied..
''knp ek sume branch A&W dh nk tutup?nk bankrap dh ker?''

kitorg pun carik parking kat parking area kt kwsn mahkota parade tu..and we were so lucky to hav a spot which was quite near to A&W even thou we need to cross the main road..but it still near to Dp and A&W..and juz before we enter there, i offered myself to collect the tix since its not far away anymore..ye larr,the online reserved tix must be collected 45 minutes before the movie start..if not,they will sell it to those who are still waiting in the line to get the tix..so i went up to level 5,alone...go to the counter reservation..collect our tix..pay the money and went down to get them at A&W..

as soon i arrived there, i met muit n nina..they were lining up to make their order and they were goin to watch the same movie wif us..wa and alia were already sat in the chair and ate some fries..and waiting for their main course to come which was 'fried chicken'..
and its already 9pm that tyme..i asked nina, ''sempat ke nk mkn"..and she replied..''sempatnyer''..when my turn come to make an order..i thought i'll order sumthin simple and save juz to cut the time short and fast..i ordered 2 beef burger and a rutbir..dunt be surprised,im not gonna eat both burger..but i was thinking to giv one burger to nuar..since he's not there yet..so he might not hav his dinner yet..and after pay an amount of 8.60rgt, the cashier told me to hav my seat first,they will bring my order later..so i sat down first...but because im soo hungry, buat muka x malu..n mkn ckit ayam wa..hehe..then afer 15 mins, my burger hasnt arrived yet..i started to feel some uneasiness inside my heart..so i stand up, went to the counter, and asked the pekerja bout my burger..she went inside the kitchen and came out and make a sign for me to wait  a lil bit...i juz sat back and keep waiting for my burger...

erm..ni bukn rupa sebenar burger aku..since i dunt hav one last nite :(
and its 9.30 pm already..and my burger still not here..i started to get angry since our movie will start soon..so once again, i walked to the counter and asked about my burger..both the cashier seem quite bz..since there were not so many employee.. if im not mistaken, 2 cashier,a kitchen boy who need to prepare all the meals by himself, and one server....nina came towards me, and said that we cant missed the first part of the movie since thats the most important scene..if we missed it, we gonna lost thru out the movie..so i said,

''ok..lets go..its already half an hour, and i  dunt think i will get my burger redy..looks like the 'pekerja' in the kitchen still x buat burger ida..tb2 mcm xla lapar sgt.''

.so burn je la duet tu..xda rezeki.. and im not agry that time...n plus,diorg mmg x cukup pekerja nk buat keja..its understandable..then, i heard one of the cashier asked the 'kitchen boy' to make my burger..do u know how that boy answered?


and thats sooo hurt and suddenly i felt soo mad and  angry..if u cant fulfill ur customers request, at least go and talk wif them slowly,giv them all the excuses to make urself free from the blame, and i think i can tolerate that..but when i heard he said that, i think my decision to walk out from that place were right..since they hav no manner in treating their customer..i talked  to my frens..

''lets go..no wonder A&W nk bankrap sbb sume pekerja dia xda adab''.. 

i felt so angry..dahla burger xdpt, nk rude2 ngn customer plak..kedai fast food dh jadik delayed food lak..its almost half an hour i waited there..and he can answered like that?it not juz me yg dpt order lmbt..byk jugk customer len mcm tu jugk...

dlm keadaan bengang2 mcm tu,we walked straight to the lift..luckily,muit sgt la baik ati..n passed me his hotdog which he planned to eat in the cinema..at first, i refused,, but then they forced me to took it..and put it in my bag...

and we were quite lucky to enter the cinema on time...and watched that movie till the end wif a question in the mind..''hero tu masih mimpi kn"..emmm..so to those yg belum tgk cter inception tu..kena tgk..sbb sgt2 la best..naseb bek cter tu x mengecewakn..and i almost forgot about the hotdog in my bag...and sampai je hostel..aku terus mkn..mcm lapar lak..

thanx muit :D
so as conclusion, kalu kita salah, ckp je la sorry..tak pyh ar nk melenting balik..in this case, i dunt mind i hav to burn my money for the beef burger...i already pasrah wif that..but when he was soo rude..i felt so angry then..so like i said, we hav our ADAB to talk to people..so talk nicely...when u talk politely and nicely, no body will get hurt and and angry...that how our religion taught us too rite?? hmmm..


  1. asal akak x p balik after muvie,, simpan resit.. org cmtu xptut biar,,,huhhhh ngt dia sorg je ke yg keje lam dunia nih!!

  2. sokong adik kamuuu..rugi la burn duit..org msia konon2 terkenal ngan budi bahasa..indah khabar dari rupa je..

  3. idA! INTAN NI.. just found ur blog.huhu.. tu pon thru FB.. hmm ida patotnya ko sound budak tu directly.. padan sikit muke. pastu ko komplen ke..